I always believe that it's important to have as many possible sources as possible for hamster care info, and so I asked the community to tell me some of their favourites, and have compiled them here. The majority of these sites are in German, but can be easily translated into your desired language if you browse via Google Chrome. 

Instagram Accounts


Perhaps you've got all your favourite sites already, and are just looking for more photo inspiration - well, I've got you covered:

Youtube Channels 


Hamster videos? no problem! 



Or maybe you're not looking for anymore hamster info sites/inspiration, and are simply looking for places to buy supplies. I asked the hamster community for their favourite places to buy from, and have complied and organised them here - and with my policy of not supporting any pet stores that supports the selling of live animals in the pet trade, I have done my best in only including those who do not sell live animals. Check 'em out! 


North America

DISCLAIMER: Just because a website/page is listed here, does not imply that I necessarily condone all of the information they share, or everything that they do. As with all communities, the hamster community is one filled with many different opinions - and that's okay. The standards of which I condone are those of which I write about. It does not necessarily mean that any site that says otherwise is wrong, it means that from our own personal research, we have evidently come to different conclusions. This is why I encourage you to have multiple resources, and ultimately form your own opinions from them.