List of Hamster Safe Foraging Items

Dari cob (also known as 'Sorghum')

Yellow millet

Red millet

Silver millet


Canary seed

Wheat ears

Oat sprays

Flax (also known as 'Linseed')

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list. There are other foraging items that you can provide your pet, this list is simply a compilation of the most common ones available on the market.

Where to buy:

EUROPE: Zooplus, Rodipet, Mixerama, Getzoo, Amazon

AMERICA:, Petco, Petsmart


Tip: Many of these items are not commonly sold in the small pet section of stores but instead are often found in the bird section of most pet stores/supply stores. Please ensure that all items are natural only and are free of additional preservatives or flavourings.


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